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BHM Series of Events 2021 

Feature on Life of Fannie Cary Fairweather (1764-1844)

Event #1

She was a native of Africa and slave who resided at the Governor Bellingham Cary House in Chelsea. She died at the age of 80 and is buried at Rumney Marsh Reservation in Revere formerly a part of Winnisimmet (Chelsea). Narrated by Historian: Karen Mc Innis

Silent Beats

Event #2

Short Film & Discussion on Assumptions and Stereotypes: How Challenging Stereotypes Can Save Black Lives. Facilitated by Khalil Sadiq, Racial Equity Consultant. 

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere 

Event #3

Racial Disparities in the US Judicial System: What in the law needs to change for Black, Brown, People of Color. Racial disparities in the Criminal Justice system exist, when there is a greater proportion of racial groups within the system's control than in the general population.  A conversation Narrated by Associate Justice of Superior Court, Judge Angel Kelly.

Black History Month Virtual Finale: Recognizing Chelsea Trailblazers!

Event #4

"Community Responding to a Pandemic and Racial Equality”: Honoring Heroes in our Community for a Coordinated Response during a Pandemic and Social Injustice. Exemplifying Family, Service, and Leadership. CBC Salutes you.  

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